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A sewer catch basin is a round stone or concrete object that collects pavement runoff. It functions as an intersection for storm drain systems and has a sump placed below the pipe invert. A sump is used to collect any type of debris that flows into the catch basin so it does not clog the rest of the system. If your commercial catch basin is not draining, it may need to be adjusted. At Asphalt Paving Professionals, we can ensure your business’s catch basin is adjusted and draining properly.

You can determine your catch basin needs repair if:

  • The catch basin is elevated above the surrounding asphalt
  • Sinkholes are appearing across from the basin’s location
  • The basin’s frame is tilted

While it is important to have our technicians routinely check your commercial sewer system to ensure your catch basin doesn’t need emergency repair, we understand crises happen. We can repair your catch basin within a timely manner so your business can run smoothly.

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