Chicago Asphalt Resurfacing & Overlays

Commercial Asphalt Resurfacing / Overlays in Chicago

Is a significant amount of your asphalt surface worn, cracked, or otherwise fatigued? Your business has probably led to a high vehicle volume, resulting in wear and tear on your parking lot. Do not blow money on a full reconstruction when you can resurface for a small fraction of the cost! Asphalt Paving Professionals can resurface your lot using modern machinery and methodology.

Chicago asphalt repair and resurfacing services include:

  • Shaving the existing surface so new asphalt matches the existing lot
  • Repairing of fatigued, cracked, or broken surfaces to prevent from damaging the overlay
  • Installation of the asphalt overlay

If you are ready to make your asphalt surface look brand-new for a fraction of the cost of a new lot, contact Asphalt Paving Professionals today at (630) 833-0850 for a free estimate!

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