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Want to install concrete car stops on your parking lot? Car stops are necessary for many lots, and concrete car stops are what most professionals recommend. Fortunately, Chicago’s Asphalt Paving Professionals is equipped to handle your concrete needs as well! We can install concrete car stops of any shape and size.

Advantages of concrete car stops include:

  • Parking lot safety- car stops prevent vehicles from hitting each other or parking too close together
  • Car stops made of concrete are strong, durable and reinforced with rebar
  • Concrete car stops are affordable
  • Concrete car stops make your parking lot look more professional

Ready to get those concrete car stops installed? Call Chicago’s Asphalt Paving Professionals at (630) 833-0850 and get a free estimate today! If you have any questions regarding what type, shape or size of concrete car stop to purchase, our experienced staff will be happy to answer them.

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